Course curriculum

    1. Welcome from Pastor Alan DiDio

    2. How to Use This Course

    3. Ways to Connect with Encounter Today

    1. Picking Up Goliath's Sword: A Paradigm Shift - Bishop Alan DiDio

    2. Bishop Alan DiDio Armed 22 Powerpoint

    3. Goliath's Sword - Notes

    1. Building Your Battlestation - Omar El-Takrori

    2. Omar El- Takrori BattleStation: Notes

    1. Finding your Niche - Paul DuVall

    1. How Does The YouTube Algorithm Work? - Evan DiDio

    2. Evan DiDio Armed 22 Powerpoint

    3. How Does The YouTube Algorithm - Notes

    1. The YouTube Journey... (not what you think) - Paul DuVall

    2. Paul DuVall Armed 2022 Powerpoint

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