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God has not left the Media Mission field why should we? Are You Ready to Learn How to Use Media to Advance God's Kingdom? Learn the secrets of successful spirit-filled media creators. Get cutting-edge, end-time, social media strategies to make God’s vision for your ministry a reality and increase your social media reach. Resources and tools to help you see immediate results. All footage and presentations from the Armed Media Conference. And SO MUCH MORE!

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Meet Your Instructor

Instructor Alan DiDio

After experiencing a radical spiritual encounter at the age of seventeen, I was born again. This experience instantly transformed me from a dogmatic atheist to a passionate follower of Jesus. Not long after giving my life to Christ, I went off to Bible college and continued serving with a national ministry for twelve years. In fact, I also worked on staff for nearly seven years. During that time, I ran an international prayer center. Since then, I have founded Encounter Christ Church in my hometown and taken the Gospel to nations around the world. My wife and I have two children and consider family to be the most important ministry any believer is called to.

Meet the Team

Below you will see some of the members of our team here at Encounter Today!

Social Media Director Evan DiDio

As the YouTube guru and graphic designer for Encounter Today, one of my greatest goals in life is to reach as many people as possible with the Gospel through social media. There are so many people that can be reached in a single day through YouTube than one would be able to reach otherwise. I have consulted with ministries and non-profits all over the world, shot more than 600 videos, and designed nearly 1,000 graphics. I believe social media is becoming a large mission field, filled with all kinds of people, but most of them have one thing in common: they need to know of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Worship Leader Jess Everette

Having experienced an exponential move of God through leading worship at my home church, on crusades, and missions work from a young age, I developed a disdain for stagnation and a passion for prophetic praise, worship, and intercession. Teaching has become a central part of my life as I continually strive to draw others to a deeper level of intercession, worship, and their walk with God. I enjoy writing bible curriculum, and as a homeschooling mother of four, my greatest joy is in teaching my children.

Newest Courses

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  • $119.00

    Fish Come First: A Revelation of Overwhelming Abundance

    Have you found yourself stuck in the middle-class mentality: the idea that says where you are financially is as close to being rich as you will ever be? Do you know that God wants more for you than what the economy and the government say you can make or have? In this eCourse, you will discover how to enter into your wealthy place!
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  • Free

    The Secrets of Solomon's Success: Becoming an End-Time Disciple

    Do you often find yourself in need of answers? Are you faced with life-changing choices that you just don't know the answer to? The key to finding the answers you need is simple: wisdom. In this eCourse, you will learn will how to become a proverb monger. You will also learn the keys to passionately pursuing wisdom and becoming an end-time disciple.
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About Encounter Ministries

Are you ready to be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit? At ECC, we believe that only an Encounter with Christ can change a person’s life. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating an atmosphere consistently conducive to the presence of God. Some churches are “seeker-sensitive,” but we are “Spirit-sensitive.” Our vision is for you and your family to have a life-changing experience every time we gather together through powerful preaching, practical teaching, and prevailing prayer.

Do You Need a Church Family?

At ECC we view membership as a means of discipleship, partnership and impartation. There is nothing more important than being a part of a vibrant body of believers, and we’d like to invite you into our family. That’s why we’ve opened up our membership to Christians around the world with our new Online Membership Class.

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