Want to learn about divine prosperity?

In this series, Fish Come First, you will discover that the healing you desire, the deliverance you crave, and the household salvation you long for has been held up and can only be fully released after you enter into your wealthy place.

Course Curriculum

  1. Welcome to Fish Come First!

  2. Fish Come First Part 1: A Draught of Fish

  3. Part 2: Fishers of Men

  4. Part 3: Miracles of Multiplication

  5. Part 4: Ten Keys to Entering into Your Wealthy Place

  6. Part 5: Abounding Grace

About This Course

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A Chance to Learn How to Walk in Abundance

In an age where many look down upon the concept of prosperity as it relates to Christianity, you have an opportunity to study alongside those of us here at Encounter Today to learn what God has to say about prosperity. Rather than looking at the politicized persuasions of ministers and book writers across the globe, in this class, we are going to look throughout the Word to see what God's opinion is regarding prosperity. If you want to learn how to Biblically prosper, I encourage you to join this class to find out more!

  • Audio

    In this eCourse, you will have immediate access to more than four audio of Pastor Alan's classic teaching, Fish Come First!

  • Videos

    You will also have access to several videos that will help build your faith for abundance!

  • Downloads

    You will have access in this course to downloads that have Bible verses and prosperity confessions for you to declare over your life!

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For $119, you can enroll in our eCourse, Fish Come First. If you would like to sow an additional seed for a total of $238, select option two so that we can "Pay It Forward" for those without the funds to take this course. For both options, you will receive access to the Fish Come First eCourse. Thank you for your willingness to bless others!

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5 star rating

God Wants YOU to Prosper

Cassidy Ball

This teaching is so different from what you hear most preachers preach. I would definitely encourage you, especially if you are unsure if prosperity is for y...

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This teaching is so different from what you hear most preachers preach. I would definitely encourage you, especially if you are unsure if prosperity is for you, to take this eCourse! There are so many Bible verses that are so often read over that tell of the prosperity God wants YOU to live in, and in this eCourse, Pastor Alan walks through SO many of them!

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5 star rating


Nancy Block

Excellent course!

Excellent course!

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